"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Friday, March 26, 2010

Artfully artista

Redefine yourself.... simply Re-defined.
Vintage Modesto, CA 
My style of the day:
My item of the day is Leggings! I am obsessed with this fashionable trendy garment because it is so versatile to use out on a jog, out doing errands, out for lunch, and even out on a date or social night. Leggings have become so popular within college crowds that it is an affordable item that can be used in so many ways. You take the Leggings challenge and put yourself to the test. Are you ready for this trendy move...
Fashionable Skin


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My Quick thoughts for the Day (Beauty Tips): 
  • Dancing with the stars: has the most interesting and detailed dresses- Abs. Beautiful Work!
  • There is a lot of craftmanship that goes into decorating for Quince's! (mexican 15th birthdays)
  • Pedicures need warning of massaging the legs in california =P
  • Always Rock your shades on sunny days
  • Listen to music on your drive to work/school =) music for the soul! be inspired always-
  • Recycle all the small things- all the lil things make a difference (plastic bottles, newspapers, card board boxes, old tv "blocks", electronic wires, etc.)
  • Dark Eyeliner by Bed head Smudge is the greatest! Recommended by stylist Marcela Sanchez owner of Eloquence Hair Salon, Modesto CA (the darkest and smoothest affordable eye liner is a must) Check out her styles at: Eloquence Salon
Where you can buy Online:

Eloquence Salon is where I get my hair retouched, bleached, curled, straightened, and added extensions through fusion/ with keratin and cinderella hair. Check out stylist Marcela Sanchez at Eloquence Salon, Modesto, CA (Customers from all around the bay area)

My Before & After (Stylist Marcela Sanchez- Eloquence Hair Salon) 
Style Focus
My style focus is on the artificial kind of beauty & why I do believe playing dress up is always fun & glamorous. From acrylic nails to make your nails look a little cleaner, to the adjusted eyelashes to make your lashes fuller, to the added hair extensions to make that hair do volumized there is no wrong in the added beauty. Of course there is a thin line of simply beautiful "simple" to the over board of playing glam dress up. So tastefully glamorous without taking it over board in tackiness.

Get inspired...

Making their Name: Fashion Club FIDM: Idea Quest Feature 
March, 18, 2009

This Article Hits home only because I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley, and although very rural the biggest city nearby was named as a biggest metropolitan area growing at a fast rate by Forbes. I love the culture and mostly the inspiration of fashion through out this region in the south texas border. The love of style and glamour is always shown through womens and mens clothing. Proud to show this article on schools moving up towards the outside of the RGV. Recognized feature school Idea Quest, Rio Grande Valley South Texas extension collaboration with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Fashion Club out of Los Angeles. I am currently attending FIDM, San Francisco CA. XOXOXOXOX

Featured Club

March 18, 2010

LV internship Bloomingdales, Marketing, San Francisco CA- April 2010- Sophie Gibson
Interview with Paola Hernandez, Mexico City/ New York- August 2010- Paola Hernandez
Interview with Thread for Thoughts, Los Angeles CA -June 2010 -
Intermoda Mexico, Guadalajara Mexico; Informa Models of Colombia -July 2010- Yuri Parada

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Enter to win a Full Year Scholarship at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise
Fashion Club: Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
(Yirla Gonzalez correspondent Journalist)

A little of History California Flag

A Lil of My Hometown
The Art District: Mcallen Texas (Mcallen The Heart of the City
Artfully Artista 
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Featured Models

Bach, Fashion Designer/Model, East Lansing MI (Michigan State University)
JAR, Palmview TX

My Color Story
Getting ready for a Quince
The craftsmanship of design through flowers
Oakdale, California
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The Beauties of the environment
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11 months since you been gone...
11 month Anniversary Today: Arturo Gonzalez Jr. "Morgan"
You are greatly missed....

My present Project
Thank you for all the applicants to the Arturo Gonzalez Jr. Scholarship (La Joya ISD, La Joya TX)

Designer Paola Hernandez: Out of Mexico City to London and to NY around the world influence.
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