"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"It's raining ideas"

Rainy Days Calls for Rainy Boots
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My Style Feature
"I'ts raining it's pouring and old man is snoring"
I love rain boots, whether you use them to walk your dog in early mornings, or on rainy days to keep those feet from getting wet they have become more and more trendy than ever. They come in different colors, designs, and even lengths; on how high you want them or if you want them ankle size. Rain boots is my style feature for the day due to Modesto/Bay Area rain. But after every rain there is a rainbow! Be inspired fashionistas - rain-boots are just another necessity that can be both fashionable and expressive. 

Trend Boot Watch
Found this great outfit on EBAY Homepage: Ready for Spring 2010

Check out Ebay for used and trendy designer clothing- you never know what you can find.
Ebay Website

  • Love the Boyfriend blazer a must
  • The cropped shorts possibly homemade
  • Vintage Boots (ebay items)
  • Live out your Spring 2010 Looks
Get Ready for SFSU Fashion Show
I will be showcasing Katy Cheng's Designs
Take Notice!
Modesto Swap Meat, Fashionable Trends through Mannequin Displays
On track for creating attention for their potential customers
Notice the colorful colors for Spring and also the outfit coordination of styles.
Fashion is Really Everywhere!
Upcoming Designers:
Jonathon Alvarez
Sarah Bach
Gabriella Gonzales
Daniel Ymbong
"Get Inspired Fashionistas"!

A Gift from my Friend Kate- I love Juicy! Big Hugs*

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Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Be Inspired to stir the creativity within you and be expressive in your own little worlds. Make a difference.
Nos Vemos Fashionistas!

I am not mad, I am just thinking really hard =)

Take it by a Storm...

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Look Book NU (Fashion Around the World)
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Look Book? Why? Because it is another way to venture out globally. This site is a source to find different styles around the world and how individuals express themselves through their clothing and in their every day ventures. An artistic expression of Fashion and the world. not only nation wide but global fashion. check out LookBook.nu for Inspiration and Creativity.

Flats Galore
Flats are another sense of fashion that are both fashionable and comfortable. Why not? They could be used out on a date night or even at work. They come in different colors, styles and are soooo fashionable. Try the Flat Challenge. Add them to your wardrobe the next venture shopping. A spring must! Live up to the flat Galore Challenge and express yourself!

Next Project
Expanding my own creativity into a mens collection

My Favorite:
Wild Fox Tees

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SFSU Senior Annual Fashion Show
Check out Katy Cheng and her designs
I will be modeling her designs at this year's fashion show

SFSU Annual Fashion Show 2010

Modesto CA; Fashion Everywhere u go!
Spread Fashion in the RGV
South Texas
My Design: Queen of Hearts: Angie Lee Gonzalez
Idea Quest Academy Fashion Show: President Daniel Ymbong
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I pray for you: Jaron

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