"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Living in the now...

A whirl of Fashion....

Sundays are days full of relaxation but mostly to venture out into a bbq, a picnic, a day at the park, a walk or even those ice cream moments to relax and enjoy the outdoors, scenery, and landscapes. 

A little of the whirl of moments we grasp... Don't forget the essentials.

  • Expressive Sunglasses

  • sunscreen
  • your layout towel
  • your ipod, mp3, iphone to jam out to some soulful music
  • accessorize your outfit with dangling earrings and beaded bracelets

  • Enjoy your Fun Day Sunday (Houston TX sunday happy hours)

What is Fun Day Sunday?
Sunday Funday

Drinking Heavily starting as early on Sunday as physically possible. Sunday Funday Starts with Unlimited Champagne Brunch and continues until you pass out in a gutter, on a bar stool, in the bathroom, or face down in the sand.
Sunday Funday ended with me waking up face down in the sand at 6pm Sunday Night ( Urban Dictionary: Sunday Funday)
Check out more info at: Urban Dictionary Sunday Funday

My Stylish Picks

My Executed Fashion Project Yesterday: Michigan State University Dia De La Mujer Annual Conference 2010: showing my Breathless Jewelry Collection; executed by my two sisters Andie Lee Gonzalez & Anita Gonzalez at the Michigan State University Kellogg Center, East Lansing, MI. (Sent my collections & had them displayed for sale at this conference).
Breathless Jewelry collection by Angie Lee Gonzalez

First Annual Arturo Gonzalez Scholarship Fund 2010
My latest community Project: Arturo Gonzalez Jr. Scholarship Fund (My Father Arturo Gonzalez Jr.)
September 29, 1952- April 26, 2009
A scholarship Fund that me and my sister started in remembrance of my late father, Arturo Gonzalez Jr. who insisted that higher education is key for all life accomplishments within the Mexican American population in south Texas. In doing this we have recruited several applicants in continuing their education and the scholarship will be granted at the La Joya High School Scholarship Banquet, La Joya TX by my mother Rebecca Gonzalez. 

MSU beats Maryland the last 3 seconds. Unbelievable play! Go Green!
2010 March Madness Tourney
Macy's Daily Fashion Director: My style of the day
My movie premier outfit
Check out this great Macy's Fashion Director Daily Contest: Macy's Fashion Director
Fun interactive Daily Fashionista!

My Show Picks for the Day: 

"How to make it in america" HBO
"Ugly Betty"

Look Book.NU (Picks of the Day

The Vintage/Classic Spirit Check out more of their Work @ Look Book

A bold handbag can do the trick....

(“Peace”, a meaning that became popular in 1960’s by many protesters as a show of defiance or victory.)
Stylish Ribbon Jewelry
Using ribbon on Jewelry pieces, very popular necklaces. Not on just bows anymore.

My Laughter of the Day (good for the child spirit)
South West Airlines: Grab your bag, It's On (commercial 2010)

My latest Career Move:  Wish me lucks on the Louis Vuitton Interview next wk.

My Accessory: The scarf, can be used as a head piece or a wrap around bandana or barrette piece. Or stylish around your neck, my choice folding in half then wrapping around under hair on top to create a small bow. Out and about on a sunday does the accented scarf just a little trendy. 

Adios. Nos Vemos Fashionistas!

The way we got to be...

My vintage typewriter (Modesto, CA). Be inspired by all the little things.

Go vintage with old school style...
A variety of tastes.... explore your own limits and heights.
My Item of the day: Long Boots
You can style up these boots on a night out with your friends, on a date, or just the social light of clubs and chill places. Express yourself with a bold boot to compliment your outfit; whether a short black skirt, or a romper howe ever you feel like accessorizing your boots.
you pick your style...

Boots in all shapes and sizes...
Along with long boots there is other options of a smaller ankle boot, or a half size boot that reaches calf. You be the judge of whether your bold enough to take the Long Boot Challenge.

Everyday we express ourselves through our clothes, whether the hat we decide to sport or the long chandelier earrings we are rocking the runway everyday we step out of our homes to do errands, go to work, go to school, to get groceries, or basic enough of going to put gas. So challenge yourself with the ideal of being EXPRESSIVE. We only live once why not be the person you want to be and rock the show.
What is it that you should or should not do is really up to you...

My outfits of the Day
Perfect wear for the perfect SUN
  : Romper
 : Boyfriend Denim Short

 : Zipper Tank
Why? I chose the Romper because it is a fun and easy outfit to pull off. It is comfortable enough to move around and about playing soccer or beach volleyball but also stylish enough to sport at a bar or even at a friends barbeque. The boyfriend cuffed short I chose because it is not as revealing as the classic mini short but it is tasteful enough to wear out with your friends to lunch, or even to a date both trendy and classic. The last item I chose was the zipper tank showing the tree, i felt that this item would be perfect in wearing out in the sun on a picnic, or even out on a date at night walking the beach. This trendy tank is accented with a zipper back piece that changes it to an item that can be used out to a good time at a more chill bar with out being to dress down by accessorizing it with some black leggings or even some denim skinny jeans. To outline the shape of the tank. 

Forever 21 up in the air Debate
Forever 21 Inspired: I am really in debate right now over Forever 21 I love fast fashion because it gives individuals that can't afford regular middle class brands the chance to express themselves through trendy clothing. Although there is the negative impact it has had on designers and the push to put other boutiques and business out of business, I am still stuck in the middle. Why? I guess when going to college it was always affordable to go to Forever 21, to find your regular tees for school, even the more professional stylish slacks dress pants, and even button up tops and the out on dates kind of clothing. It was more affordable to buy this type of clothes with out being stuck in trying to buy some more pricier clothes at Macy's, or even Dillards. Coming from a middle class family and not growing up in the city when going to college it was a struggle to find clothing that was trendy. But i do agree that businesses shouldn't have to compete against these fast fashion business because of economy of scale. I do not agree with the over massive amount of clothing and textiles its causing to be taken into dumps and hurting the environment but I do see both sides coming from the college student struggle and now the college graduate that sees the hurting it has had on our environment in Europe where Fast Fashion began.  Whether this store is bad, I will continue to do my research to find a side to side with but at this moment I am stuck in between. You be the judge of what you think. I do believe that individuals should stand for their ideals and be expressive. Being expressive through their words, their writings, their looks and even their clothing. 
Sing Me A Song with Fashion
Top Picks (Street Wear): By Look Book (Collective Fashion Conscience)
Look Book (Fashionistas around the world express themselves) Check out the link for more inspiration.

Song of the Day: Lady Antebellum - Need you Now
Save our Environment
So not cool. A pack of buds left in the parking lot of a store. Lets keep our environment clean.

Be Expressive....