"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Sunday, April 25, 2010

sunny days...

Wake me up to a sunshine...
Vintage Souls
floral prints
cardigans with puff sleeves
brown boots and florals
detailed pieces
bandanas as hair pieces very classic: express yourself
Spring Wear is reinventing your wardrobe for more skin and floral prints. Bringing out your short denims and floral scarves. 
My Style Feature: Leather Trims on Clothing
This new trend of using leather trims is really aesthetically appealing and sophisticated. Adding a more geometric and contouring to the body these leather trims are adding luxury to the simple dress. 
Leather has been gaining momentum as a key material for the past few seasons, so it’s no surprise that skins are beginning to appear in less conventional places. Last season, Phoebe Philo polished her pioneering minimalist looks for Celine by trimming pockets, hems, and seam lines in dark leather. Since then, an abundance ofleather piping and tape have appeared on the runways, giving garments dramatic outlines and a structural feeling. In neutral hues and varying widths, leather trims are being used to draw attention to construction details and to emphasize body-con silhouettes. The resulting looks are both durable and dramatic.(Style Sight 3/18/10)
Check out the Full Article on Style Sight: Leather Lines Trend Alerts
Leather Lines on Runway Show Trend Alert
Trend Alerts 
by Style Sight
Safety Pins on Garments:The common fastener has gone from punk to precious. (3/29/10)

Trench Coat:
As spring approaches, Hollywood A-listers have been spotted on and off the red carpet in versions of the classic trench coat.


04.06.10After several seasons of muted, bleached or even absent brows, dark, thick eyebrows look right again.


04.13.10Juniors are starting to incorporate the dramatic maxi skirt into their looks.

A renewed interest in homespun crafts and the 70s Boho lifestyle sparks the return of crocheted beachwear. (4/22/10)
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Upcoming Fashion Events: Discarded to Divine

Las Vegas Trip Style Musts
Sequin Dresses are very fab and trendy.
Sequin dresses, Shorts, lots of accessories! and color to your wardrobe for Vegas Trip Weekends!
Be Expressive, Stir your creative soul...
Song of the day: Shakira/Juanes- Tortura

Nos Vemos Fashionistas!

sweet as candy:

Doll me up...
My Style Feature: Louis Vuitton
I was gone for a bit but the creative soul still remains stirring up the season of spring. Check out the new trends of spring by just reinventing your closets into new looks. You don't have to go out and spend a buck or two but recreate what you already have. Mix and matching and alternating things that you never really saw yourself in: there is no limits of what you are defined as. No boundaries of what look you have. You are your own fashion runway.
Inspire your creative Souls Fashionistas with:
- scarves
- accessories (hair pins for spring and flowers)
-floral prints mix matching
-denim and denim (risky but make sure to use varied colors of denim)
Look Book NU fashionistas! 

check out their website: lookbook.nu
LV: This brand has come a long way in making it's history as a very luxurious and exclusive brand. What do you think? It is one of many brands that has upheld its class through this economy. Items of a lifetime. The experience to hold this in the palm of your hands. breathless for those idolizing the ideas of designers and the idea of creation rather than image.
Check out LV's newest edition to their collection:
Takashi Murakami “Cosmic Blossom” Collection
Unfortunately the collection is only for women, but since we are big Takashi Murakami fans we wanted to show you the line anyways. Consisting of clothing, shoes and accessories, the “Cosmic Blossom” collection incorporated the iconic flower designs by the Japanese artist and marks another chapter in the on-going collaboration by the artist and Louis Vuitton.

Website Style Venture: EBAY

Venturing out to EBAY I came across their Spring Items Must Have:
1. Sequin Dresses
2. Dooney Totes
3. Tory Burch Sandals
4. Scarves
5. Tom Ford Sunglasses
6. Cocktail Rings
Great Wk @ Louis Vuitton  Internship
Some of the things that have inspired my industry work

  • organization stock
  • merchandise at LV
  • professionalism in the workplace
  • guidance and influence from the associates and manager
FIDM class Project: Promotions
  • going out in the city and venturing out to the infamous stores that surround the middle of the city, near union square: Saks fifth avenue, nordstroms, williams and sonoma, nike, macy's to name a few
Really seeing outside the box and seeing the types of people within these stores and the visual aesthetics of store organization, and placement. Very inspiring. 
Stand up for things you believe in. make a choice on things you want to impact.
I Heart this...

  • Animal Shelters
  • Giving back to the community donation clothing/items
  • little things..go long ways
San Francisco State University Novelle Fashion Show, San Francisco CA
Katy Cheng Fashion Show 
  • It was a great experience being able to see all the student designer work from San Francisco State University Senior Fashion Show 2010
Designed by Katy Cheng: Illusional Dreams

Song of the Day: 
Lady Gaga- Telephone
My Item of the Day: Vintage Cam (I got at a swapmeat)

Nos Vemos Fashionistas!