"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunny Sundays full of travel bliss

Spring Flowers...
Stylish ways to style up your wardrobe: artificial flowers to style your hair, bows, headbands and barrettes to accessorize your hair. A simple way to style it up and affordable. You can create simple head bands by adding a lil bow or flower. Be crafty on a sunny sunday. Play with your creativity!
Fashion Around the World.. Travel the world...
Lookbook.nu (Fashion Around the World)
My laugh of the day:
While traveling found this van: a cardboard used to block the sunny sun.
Get inspired by all the glam in colors and stylish trends.
TGI Fridays, Orange County CA
Places to Discover
  • Sui Generis, San Francisco CA
  • Paola Hernandez, Mexico City
  • Ritsy Ragz, Modesto CA
  • LV Bloomingdales, San Francisco CA

My Color Story for Spring 2010
My style feature: Classic Black "The lil black dress"
Just because black is a always a classic, style it up with different silhouettes, different lengths and different fabrics; the classic doesn't always have to be simply simple but simply stylish. Turn it all around. We are 2010.
The little black dress to today's mordern black dress
Classic Black can be edgy and stylish..
The little black dress.. transformed
Transform your wardrobe
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Song of the day: 
Jewel- you weren't meant for me

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Current location Orange county CA next venture Los Angeles CA- Thread for Thoughts Interview


Show me your Colors
Be inspired by patterns, colors and accessories!
Whether you take that patterned skirt and flash it with a tank or those old jeans and add some creative patches- you are your own creative soul. Believe in your style and your own creativity will follow.
My Style of the day: High Waisted Shorts
They are very trendy, stylish and a trend that has comeback but with a more edgy approach. Styling it with high heels and tight tanks revives the high waisted short into a new enlightenment. Show your skin with these shorts for Spring 2010.
Quince's (Mexican Cultural Event; Worth every moment)
Celebrating a 15th Birthday 
Find that one piece that inspires your creativity
Spring 2010: Sunny Days for Sunny flops
Cultural Differences: Cali vs. Texas vs. Michigan

  • Banda Band playing
  • No religious ceremony
  • hmmm the food was great/ had bowls of salsas and chips
  • Had a Dj on one side and a band on the other side (two dance floors) =P
But the greatest thing that they were celebrating a 15th birthday. truly cultural no matter what location. following traditional ceremony. 
Look book nu
Look book Around the world: believe in yourself 
My Fashionista Moment:
 Interview with Paola Hernandez will be interning for her for August 2010 in New York (truly in awe) 

Get Ready Louis Vuitton: for this country girl from south texas 
Look Book NU

Song of the day: 
I love college- Asher Roth

Fashion Don't! Keisha
Fashion Don'ts!
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For the Fashion Forward individuals: Taking Risks is worth every moment...
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