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Friday, June 11, 2010

It's time..

For the Fashionable One...
Fashion is life. Fashion is war. Fashion is Love.
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styling it up in your cultural gear (mex gear)

The FIFA starts and there is nothing more exciting than sporting your favorite teams and most signficantly sporting your styled tees and accessories. Getting out of the glamourous bubble and sticking to earth. Earth bound. Comfort. breatheable kind of mood. "It's time for Africa". World wide event bringing numerous countries together to show their skills. A great reconnection in these hard political times ;)) Waka-Waka! For the fashionable soul...
Estil Del Dia: TEES! 

FIDM San Francisco, CA 
Michigan People: Nationwide Issue

 Michigan ImmigrationHousebill no.6256 was introduced today by StateRep.Kim Meltzer.
Rep. Meltzer Introduces Copy-Cat Arizona Immigration
Bill Thursday. Call Speaker Dillon today and tell him: No Arizona Immigration
Bill in Michigan! 517-373-0857

"It's a you and me kind of thing"

San Francisco, CA

Get inspired....
Pick up yourself up and dust yourself off, Get back in the saddle, You're on the front line, Everyone's watching, You know it's serious, We're getting closer, this isn't over... (Shakira- This time for Africa)
World News:

2010 FIFA World Cup™: Schedule

South Africavs.Mexico-Jun 11 7:00am (PT) on ESPN
Uruguayvs.France-Jun 11 11:30am (PT) on ESPN
South Koreavs.Greece-Jun 12 4:30am (PT) on ESPN
Argentinavs.Nigeria-Jun 12 7:00am (PT) on ESPN
Englandvs.United States-Jun 12 11:30am (PT) on ABC
Algeriavs.Slovenia-Jun 13 4:30am (PT) on ESPN
Serbiavs.Ghana-Jun 13 7:00am (PT) on ABC
Germanyvs.Australia-Jun 13 11:30am (PT) on ESPN

Graduation Date Soon...
June 16, 2010 FIDM, San Francisco CA

Song of the Day:
Shakira-Its time for Africa

Start at the beginning of your passion. Find what you love. Do what
you love. Your dreams are your road map. Follow them to the top of 
the mountain. It's the most amazing View. 

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