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Monday, May 31, 2010

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Lenzing Color Trends Spring/Summer 2009
Lenzing Color Trends Spring/Summer 2009 | WomenswearLenzing Color Trends Spring/Summer 2009 | Menswear

Lenzing Color Trends Spring/Summer 2009 | Intimate Apparel


Powdery tints of petals such as blush, lilac and a pristine white are enhanced by a dark ink blue. The superposition of these intimate shades creates a dreamy summer mood where colors mute with the impact of light.


Regal color combinations, neutrals deliberately clashing with opulent purple, red, ochre, indigo,
silver and gold create color effects as in baroque decorative arts, intricate and rich for classical elegance.


Colors of a sun drenched landscape or the weathered wood of chairs on a Mediterranean piazza. Restoring hues for relaxation and inspiration: calm pebble grays, sky blue, pistachio green and an acid tangerine.


An autumnal harvest mood, with trees and bushes filled with ripe fruit and spices. Saffron and orange, rose and green shades with herb and dew tints evoke the bounty and richness of nature.


The classic concept of uncomplicated fresh colours, nicely predictable, underscores the pleasure of luxury.

Blues and greens, seal brown and a blossom yellow embrace the idea of holidays and
aquatic sports.

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