"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening" - Coco Chanel

Saturday, April 10, 2010

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Sing your own tune with your own creative style. Whether wearing jeans and a vintage tee; accessorize your look with dangling earrings or that special unique feather necklace to add an eclectic style of the "a little of the new, a little of the old" sense. Be creative and express yourself through every piece.  Your life - Your Runway Show.
My Style Feature of the Day:
Vintage looks for the vintage soul.
Exploring San Francisco, the bay area, and central california I find that there is a free spirit personality that remains true to the environment and our world. I abs. adore the numerous vintage shops, thrift stores, consignment stores, second hands, swap meats, a little of the used; little treasures for the vintage soul. The concept of Re-Use Restyle has been an idea that i have tried incorporating in my life and have passed it along my friends and family to live by this. It is not to throw away those old tees or jeans but donate them, pass them on to the next generation but even more specific find another great use for the item. Some examples jeans converted into summer shorts, old vintage torn up tees into bandanas, head bands, or even wash cloths and another one could be that you just pass it along to your siblings or friends who admire that special tee just as much. A wardrobe can be re invented by small ways and re styled to the next person. Whether finding an old type writer at a second hand, or a polaroid camera it brings us back to the idea of being humble, and our roots. Live every moment, and do your part even the smallest things make a change. Re-Use/ Re-style.

My Project: Pearly Pearl
A dress that was bought at vintage store which was white then re styled using home dye to a pearly look with an ivory touch. More sophisticated and vintage.

Zac Posen NYC Target Collection Launch April 15-16 2010

Zac Posen Check out Website NYC PARTY

Get Inspired..
Top Shop, NY
Spring Summer Collections 2010: Summer Fete, Body Armour,  Festival Army & Club Tropicana
check out TOPSHOP website Spring/Summer 2010 looks

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San Francisco, CA
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Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdales, San Francisco CA
Marketing Intern
Louis Vuitton Website
San Francisco CA has the biggest Louis Vuitton store in the nation in union square also there is 4 Louis Vuitton Stores in the bay area within a very small region - incredible!

In Remembrance of My Father
Scholarship 2010 Arturo Gonzalez Jr. -in progress

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Gorillaz- Stylo

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