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Friday, March 19, 2010

california Sunny days...

Sunny Days in Califas
Color of Spring 2010 : Turquoise 
Reported back in September 2009: Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2010
"Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company, and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Spring 2010. The report features the top 10 colors for women’s fashion for spring 2010, along with designer sketches, quotes and headshots, and is available free-of-charge from the Pantone Web site at www.pantone.com/spring2010. The release of the PANTONE Fashion Color Report coincides with the beginning of New York Fashion Week (Archi Things)."
The top colors for women’s fashion for spring 2010 are:
PANTONE 15-5519 - Turquoise
PANTONE 18-1661 - Tomato Purée
PANTONE 16-1543 - Fusion Coral
PANTONE 16-3320 - Violet
PANTONE 16-1219 - Tuscany
PANTONE 12-0642 - Aurora
PANTONE 18-3945 - Amparo Blue
PANTONE 12-1107 - Pink Champagne
PANTONE 17-0627 - Dried Herb
PANTONE 15-0513 – Eucalyptus

New york Fashion: Spring 2010

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Top 25 Look Book NU: 2009 Wrap Up by Definitive Touch: Men's Recap 2009 posted Jan 2010
"My ideas is simply to express yourself as you please"
"In a new year of hope and fresh start that everyone expect, Pantone has announced“turquoise” would be the color of 2010. First known to have embellished women with gems of the same name for thousands of years, turquoise makes a come back when shareholders just start to see the end of troubled times (Tais-Tois sois beau)." 
Whether you're out in the city or the country... you can't help to reflect on bright sunny days. The day seems a lot more full of interesting things, seems more alive, makes you want to bring out your shades, wear your spring clothes. The colors of spring begin to come out, the stylish sandals, the pedicures, the tanning lotions, the sleeveless tops and breathable tanks. The list goes on. Oh how I miss thee spring. 
Believe it or not it is always chic to be vintage, to be inspired, and to be you.
The Crop of the Field....
The city is once again reunited by tons of people in the streets, tourists, and we are no longer surrounded by local san fransiscans but many more.
Spring 2010: Farmer Trend
"Positive Pleasure of Country Life"
"Maybe everyone had had too much of Wangsters and all things urban, or maybe as Wall Street crumbles, designers are beginning to yearn for the simple, positive pleasures of country life. Whatever the case, fashion has taken a trip back to the old farm as inspiration this season, with pastoral touches and down-home details. From Rachel Comey and Stella McCartney to D&G and Chanel, we saw ladies who could have walked off the pages of Little House on the Prairie, dust-kicking modern cowgirls, and even a few fashionable potato farmers here and there. We don't know how practical lace-up heels would be alongside rusty gardening tools and a tractor, but hey—no one said the country life was easy." (Refinery 29)

Denim on Denim Spring 2010

Colors of Spring
"Spring and summer naturally evoke feelings of calm ocean waters and tranquil beach vacations in cool, vibrant, tropical Turquoise. This soothing hue from the blue-green family conjures feelings of escape, especially when paired with Amparo Blue. With more warmth than the typical spring navy, this particular shade of blue is extremely appealing because of its brighter, more energetic attitude. Like the scent of a blossoming flower, Violet lends a romantic air to the warm-weather palette. This intriguing purplish hue is a distinctive addition to any wardrobe." (Archi things)
We got to love the denim on denim, the patchwork and the cowboy farm trend; a new rejuvenating american country style. Very refreshing yet very interesting.

San Francisco, CA : By Day and By Night above from the FIDM balcony
Modesto, CA : a little of the outskirts/ country side
Then your list start piling up:
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Spring Clothes
  • Spring tanning
  • Spring hair cut
  • Spring 
  • Spring
  • Spring.... Oh Spring! 

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